Bicycle Coffee Company is an independent roaster based in San Francisco, CA. True to their name, all Bicycle coffee is delivered by Bicycle. Their coffee is available at markets, cafes, restaurants, and hotels around the bay area.


Bicycle offers three different roasts, sourced from organic, fair trade farm cooperatives. The beans change seasonally, with the list below current as of March 2014.

Medium Roast | Asobagri Cooperative | Huehuetenango, Guatemla.

Dark Roast |  Prodecoop Cooperative | Segovia District, Nicaragua.

Decaf Roast |  Rodriguez de Mendoza Cooperative | Amazonas, Peru.


Bicycle uses a custom built small batch roaster. Coffee is then delivered from the  

roaster to local merchants by bicycle. Bicycle does not operate a cafe. 

Bicycle Coffee Company04:24

Bicycle Coffee Company

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