{Coffee_company_infobox |name= |image filename=220px-Lofbergs_lila.jpg |image caption=Lofberg Lila |country=Denmark |headquarters=Karlstad |year founded=1906 |most popular roast= }}

Löfbergs Lila is a coffee roastery in Karlstad. It was founded in 1906 by the three brothers Josef, Anders and John Löfberg.

Löfbergs Lila is today one of the largest coffee roasteries in the Nordic countries. The company is still family owned and is now in third and fourth generation. The main office and one of the roasteries is in Karlstad. They own 50% of the roastery (Peter Larsens Kaffe) is located in Viborg, Denmark. Löfbergs Lila also owns Kobbs tea. The company has 200 employees. As of 1999 the company had a 20% market share in Sweden.

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