Tully's Coffee is a specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler based in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Its stores serve speciality coffees, espresso, baked goods, pastries, and coffee-related supplies. It also has overseas licensing agreements in Japan and South Korea where its brand name is used for Tully's coffee houses in those countries.

Tully's currently has the highest sales of whole bean coffee in grocery and supermarket stores in the US. Tully's Coffee is well known for once following an expansion strategy of opening stores adjacent to the opposing coffee giant Starbucks, also based in Seattle. There's a running joke in Seattle that the easiest way to find a Tully's is to stand in front of a Starbucks and turn around. The busiest Tully's in the world is located inside the Boeing Everett factory, near where 747 aircraft are built.

Tully's is now owned by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

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