A girl, it must have been in possession of many of your favorite small adorn article, today I put a few of my favorite bow and share it with you

This is a fair maiden style hair bow, looks very gentle, very suitable for small girls and gentle and quiet girl at home

This is velvet hair bows, and looked very mysterious, very attract eyeball, is a good choice for girls

This is a navy wind bows, look more formal, very elegant, good on office girl

Although is also a velvet bow, pink velvet, represents the sweet and lovely, for travel dating a girl it's out of the two choices

This is a grid of hair bow, more mature, but look and feel sexy, a feeling of attracted to charm can produce.So, this is a very suitable for city girl

Plaid bow wear on the head


This is a lace fabric bow, and pink, needless to say, you will know very suitable for female students and passionate girl

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