Said the popularity of departure with, and the wind has something to do with the wind restoring ancient ways.In Bohemia, African, Indian, etc many tribes have such adornment, although somebody else tied not to beautiful, but accessories designer or get rich inspiration.Star will hair band when the fund at the same time, folk renovation also incredibly fast.The popularity of small object attribute to dress brings the effect of four two dial one thousand jins.

The deduction of pile side hair hoop, think how?Like Jesus on the s of thorns, but the two thin straps and jeans at a drawing to the fashion circle.

Triangle is a typical Indian design, wear loose dress, flat shoes and bundled Rome, very ethnic customs said.

Stars standard outfit including: oversized sunglasses, famous brand new package, and clothes.Now, want to more stars, you also need to prepare for the hair band of In!

Cannot often change hair style, crochet headband is absolutely the best weapon you do STH unconventional or unorthodox.

Optional curled hair the most simple modelling is a hair band.

As long as a little bit different, suit the compasses is defeated, what style will try to satisfy!


Color hair band wide is good also, can not according to the design color composition accumulation.

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