To cool and refreshing, no problem!To a lady, no problem!To be sexy, no problem!To individual character, more no problem!Landscape to look at is known as "hair" hair band and hair hoop what are the most in this summer!Fully 20 beautiful eyes match analysis and demonstration, a certain feast your eyes!What are you waiting for, and for the most suitable for your portfolio, show out of your new summer hair good-looking!

Style: sweet girl next door idyllic summer cool and refreshing Highlights + fine hair curly hair hoop + middle , Japan and South Korea temperament sweet MM long hair, make hair end involute lady modelling, pick dyed chestnut, golden yellow or red wine is a good choice, deserve to go up metal fine hair hoop, to restore ancient ways of metallic middle ornament, cool and refreshing concise do not break again gentle lady.

Barbie hot curly hair + fine hair hoop + mark stones Inclined bang and the combination of the barbie hot curly hair that is clever and lovely and make facial lines to change, make a sweet girl next door, fine hair with different colours on the coupling of different texture mark stones adorn adornment, shiny and not make public.

Neat bang + curly hair + metal headbands with bow
Set aside the head part and bang part is not very hot, clip into neat bang, will his ear hair irons heavy full figure of big volume, shape collocation have straight, straight volume in the volume of curl, highlight the fair maiden temperament, with metal buckle decorative bow hair hoop, simple and easy in the fashion taste fully.

Highlights curl double braided + messy ear hair + black and silver double color fine hair band The modelling of kawaii!Above hair perm tail, only make curl up and irregular, create a handsome bouncing feeling, loosely tied into two small plait, ears on both sides to set aside at the ear of the messy hair, it will be increased after highlights stereo feeling!On looks rich layers of hair style with simple black and silver double color fine hair hoop is enough, and make a cool and refreshing and clinking rural amorous feelings.

Style 2: high style barbie princess white pure temperament Inclined bang + hairdo, bud silk hair band Obscure forehead show beautiful little face slightly inclined bang with implicit hairdo, scattered hair hidden in the ear, further modify facial lines, decorated with white lace, pure and elegant in do not break again nifty little smell.

Big wave high twist + lace bow hair band Big wave curl high beam up into a bun, scattered hair tail make hair more youth fashion.With hair band will clear sea around all back to forehead, directly show the three-dimensional facial features, floral white lace bowknot adornment, added a few minutes and elegant aristocratic.

Neat bang + highlights the princess curly hair + white wide band Curly princess inward volume hair accentuated levels after highlights and stereo feeling, deserve to go up straight and docile clever neat bang, show charming temperament.Than hierarchical complex curls with tie-in simple white hair band is wide, between the bang and high overhead and adjust the best position in front of a mirror, comb the hair on either side of the forward, in front of the shoulders, the modelling of barbie princess is done!

Style 3: summer beach vacation, leisure small ripe female High bun + scattered hair + pink + sequins decoration wide ribbon Will the hair at the top of the head is done in a bun, high above the neck enjoy the cool and refreshing sea breeze of the sea!The ears natural lop wisps of hair more holiday leisure flavor.Will play a wide color bright pink ribbon on bang behind, between the pressure cover part of the top of the head and the bang hair, appear hair amount is not much also not heavy.Ribbon on sequins glittering ornament, make summer sea elf.

Highlights + black and white squares wide hair curly hair bun with bow Fleeciness and messy hair comb a bun back slightly, to set aside a curly hair end more feminine, pick dyed chestnut or platycodon grandiflorum yellow out of Japan and South Korea ripe female wind.Black and white squares wide hair band in scattered on holding a week later will be below the ribbon in the back of the head fixed into beautiful strap knot, leisure and easy do not break again gentle women.


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