Size of wave curl like mad fashion this year, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings woman flavour.This kind of popular, also contributed to the popularity of some by-products, hairpin is one of them. In the hot summer, a head of hair, while moving, but can let a person hot breath.If the hair with hairpin or plate or pick up, that is much more relaxed.    Popular hairpin is no longer a simple hair clips, it is more like a girl's decorations, workmanship and materials are very fastidious, set of diamond, pearls, precious stones, corals, and even a studded with real diamonds and emeralds, not only beautiful, and the collection value, adornment effect is more than the practical value. The wind restoring ancient ways Fashion to blow this year, the Chinese wind and agitation restoring ancient ways, hairpin is no exception. More hair Hair can be described as a "representative" tire agitation restoring ancient ways, it is the most common female headdress in ancient China, is often the first gift of men to women, women are often send as token of the engagement of to lover, a lot of beautiful love story will occur because of a hair. Now almost completely COPY the ancient popular hair hairpin shape and materials, and expensive raw materials such as gold and silver is still a girl's favourite, hanging tassel, of course, is much more real. Have more hair, you can learn to the ancient women's hair up like that, once the ancient beauty.But now popular dish hair way is leave a hair end, like tassels or natural down, or make public, like a peacock makes alternative amorous feelings.Can also be two to three using cross on the bun, and build a ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. The butterfly hairpin Butterfly ancient combined together, romantic love story legend amorous men and women will become butterflies birds to after death. The ancient women's accessories, accessories are butterfly shape, not only appearance but funny but sad, decorations also extremely luxurious, in addition to be made of gold and silver, and jade inlaid with precious stones.Butterfly hairpin with this kind of style is in fashion now, and design change more, have a simple hair clips, there are also can twist hair clips.Color is also a lot of change, aureate, colorful color, orange, pink, etc. Flower hairpin Ancient woman love gathering flowers planted on the manage cloud, foil good appearance.And on the hair was wearing flowers, ancient manchu women's interests.Among them, the most distinctive is the "big flat" tire.The so-called "big flat side", is a piece of about seven and eight wide, a foot to long for large horizontal hairpin, with silver, bones, bamboo etc, end assumes the form of ganoderma lucidum or leaf shape of cloud, slightly bent, throughout the characteristic of bun, "big flat side" is usually a huge big flower in the middle. Now, many brides will also use this method to dress up, but the average person is not in normal plug flowers directly on the head, or will be point.But if you wear a flower shaped pin, will avoid this kind of embarrassment. Now the lotus is chosen mostly take hairpin, plum flower form simple beautiful flower seeds, and vivid and lovely, general diamond Mosaic above deck, more moving. Beaded or Mosaic hair clips Whether dazzing is an important measure of this kind of hairpin factors, therefore, the materials are very important, dazzle eye beads and all kinds of gem diamond therefore become the first material of hairpin.A simple hairpin, lining dazzling pearls or diamonds, precious stones, from "ugly duckling" into "little swan" immediately, wearing it, make you so special.

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