People often assume that to cover the embarrassment of hair is just the hair will play a ball.Head, be a hero, when you try to grow the stripes, chic slides smooth cowlicks fan and alligator clip just swept all this, when you've had enough.Responsible nanny or special training lions, belonging to save our time short-tempered, open fork and migration routes run riot.

Often, however, whether you consider your anchor around a simple tire?How long does it take you to add a disruptive to decorate the edge of your 'to do before leaving the house?Whether it is a nifty hair see item is you of matter, or do you think it is necessary to run a mile from hairpin and hairpin, have escaped the headdress of the season.A supreme glory is during spring/summer 14 bowknot headdress, it is the perched on a good jumpstart TETES on fashion week, many designers to send the ribbon along the runway.Abandon the pre-school education tail fiber all the memories;Modern hair bows is cold, the streets and above all, to grow up (it does not mean that it can't be cheeky occasion, but).

At the top of the class is Laura g sander Ilincic large black neoprene bow, fixed simple, live, by the undisputed cool road Hersheson create a pony.Bold and sharp, all their bows are black eyeliner by graphical (by Lucia pickup Mac Pro) effectively offset, moreover Ilincic bright, collection building.What is the intention of the contemporary to bow to the hair, but gentle and mild, Luke Hersheson explained to us:

"It looks very cute, but definitely not too sissy. Neoprene created a solid, structured bowknot - this is rigid, flouncy. Actually, I had little to do with model of hair, I went to a very backward texture with simple ponytail, because it will be too picky, if the hair is curly or overstyled. This is all about finding a balance, to ensure that it is a bowknot headdress, so this is a feminine look, but tenacious, black neoprene bow to offset this.

In Nina ricci, pigtails, black hair, all their bows are lended exquisite and elegant, ethereal collection, however, the designer guido palau taking more low-key approach to loopback movement.Ponytail is gloss, low and loose, there are plains, bow smooth finish.Cinch reconstruction for office also suitable for complex a night reserved enough, this kind of style promoted innocent bowknot headdress, to refine a new height.Like Hersheson, palau craft is very romantic but not too pretty or reserve.

If you are a classroom rebel balenciaga took the bow on the hair trend is likely to attract you bending the rules of the state of mind, because stylist Paul han long tight black leather and satin bow back to the head of the model.More than bandana bow, hanlong movements have taken 'to work or go home "the edge of it. Punk, but not stiff, it will be the first choice of tomboy bow.

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