These two days, the Confucius temple and old two young men in the street stalls woven manual attract many visitors to watch or buy roses, tourists feel novel at the same time, also praised their ingenuity.The reporter was talking with them, two men are brothers, before the coming valentine's day, and make a Lantern Festival, to prevent to be copied, they must also constantly make creative, new style.

The two brothers hand-woven onlookers
Yesterday morning, old and Confucius temple in the street a weave manually roses stand was crowded with customers, close to a look, and I saw two boys are very skillfully use crochet knitting wool flowers.
"Really good, the girls do manual weaving is the norm, the guy would do such a coincidence, also weave pattern so much."Mr.chen of onlookers.On the booth, in addition to see wove wool with roses, and small bonsai, miniascape also is worsted, modelling diversity.Visible at the scene, the young man had a wool in one hand and hand crochet, expertly hook move back and forth, a little later will weave a petal.

From henan, gimmick is created
On inquiring, the two brothers from henan shangqiu, brother called called Zhang Zan Zhang Bing, brother.Zhang Bing tells a reporter, the manual weaving method is their own, he has the basis of manual work is not hard to do, before make hand-woven bicycle model, on the scenic spots or temple fairs stands, then there are too many people in this kind of hand-made, thin margins, from last year's Chinese valentine's day eve began to transition to do handmade fabric flowers, transformation of success.

The reporter asked him, a day during peak season can sell?"This is bad to say, the business look done, actually we also run around like a guerrilla war, the peak season is usually during the holidays, such as the Chinese valentine's day, valentine's day, or the local temple fair, business is better, during these days to earn living expenses, off-season not Ms. Heaton-renshaw lost."Zhang Bing said: "we have arrived at Shanghai stands, a rose 15 yuan, and profit point, but only 10 yuan a, nanjing manual potted dozens of yuan, makes money ah, also afraid of being imitated, once a large number of imitation, business is bad, you think about it, I have woven a rose flower nearly 40 minutes, only 10 yuan a, when we two brothers not Ms. Heaton-renshaw also in work overtime woven into semi-finished products, and then continue to processing at the scene, sometimes family also help weaving."Reporter saw, they weave bonsai modelling diversity, looks warm and lovely, suitable for the bedroom or office, and there's no need to maintenance.

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