Pure and fresh and nifty bride short hair Pure and fresh and nifty and short hair is more and more popular with the masses of women, has a head of short hair the bride need not envy the long hair, short hair can also show only beautiful and sexy.Short hair curls into a grace, from bang ends, can look very casual with the model.


Retro high bun bride hairstyle Flavor restoring ancient ways of high bun from simple appear natural and unrestrained, deserve to go up more elegant hair rope or gems to do an ornament.

Along with the gender wild wind bride hairstyle This along with the gender of the wild wind bride hairstyle is very suitable for young spontaneously and MM.Shoulder-length 37 points in the hair, slightly curved hair volume, seemingly random yet full of modelling.Head of the butterfly grosgrain ribbon flowers for hair increase fresh sweet degree and ribbon.

Twist the bride has a nifty bang Have nifty bang bride twist, melting and lovely.Will charge to use white hair dish up the bowknot don't use roll become warped hair end into an attractive radian of bang, nifty little sexy arises spontaneously.

Noble and romantic spread the bride In the fresh summer might as well be the bride of the MM will be fresh and distribute into the bride hairstyle.Like this dish hair style combined with spread the simple, can be used to restore ancient ways flower modelling of diamond ornaments to do an ornament, immediately present a noble and romantic French aristocratic demeanor.

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