Artificial crystal is containing lead oxide in the glass, the higher the composition of the lead oxide, refractive index and the higher the hardness, the finished product is the more the pure crystal, the harder it will be cut at the same time, finished products will be rare.High quality glass rhinestones ware with ordinary glass or low diopter of crystal value difference is very big. 1, listen to the voice: hand recoiling vessels will sound different when, artificial crystal products, crisp like a metallic after will feel well fills the air, "dang dang" sound with a metal ring, the higher the hardness of crystal, the louder sound.And the voice of the glass is boring, no echo, "snapped" sound is more boring.

Fry gold experts how to make money for free accounts guide to guide the bank's gold and silver TD bank gold, gold and silver trading simulation software set the desktop market quotation tool 2, see burnish: comparison in the sun, high quality crystal reflects the seven colourful bright, and the transition is very rich in natural and light, the color of the glass refraction is often incomplete and less bright.Transparency in the natural light to compare, the high quality crystal high transparency, show the glittering and translucent white, and ordinary glass or not pure crystal will be yellow or blue. 3, than pattern: for the same colour of crystal, the pattern of manual into degree is higher, the decorative pattern on the small area forming the more meticulous heavy and complicated, the higher value.With the hand petting, manual pattern have holes in the hand the surface of the rough feeling, and the mechanism of pattern on the surface is smooth. 4, to recognize the brand: choose artificial crystal products depends on the brand, because only good factory's products have quality assurance, such as well-known brands: crystal swarovski, etc. 5, than hardness: due to the crystal hardness is much higher than common glass, use for a long time also tend not to become dirty, repeated use for a long time, the glass is very easy to scratch and surface stains.Artificial crystal is bigger than the hardness of glass, and as a result, with artificial crystal would be left a mark to the surface of the glass, and glass crystal, no traces the appear. 6, ok weight: two items of the same size, artificial crystal products than heavy glass, glass is relatively less. At present, in circulation of homebred man-made crystal mostly produced in pujiang county, zhejiang province, the product materials for K9 or leaded material, crystal products fine workmanship, jade-like stone light and refined, cold light.

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