"2013" Chinese arts and crafts collection annual survey results show that in 2013, arts and crafts collection, collectors most concern departments are: ceramics (32.27%), jade (24.55%), purple (21.9%), carved lacquerware accounted for 20.01%, handicraft carving accounted for 4.87%, cloisonne accounted for 10.36%, embroidery accounted for 2.01%, other comprehensive category accounted for 1.03%. Vice President of China association of jewelry supplies online, Beijing technology society of Tang Kemei analysis the cause of the porcelain dominate: China is engaged in production of ceramic art where there are a lot of, outstanding performance is the art of jingdezhen porcelain, zhejiang longquan celadon, the guangdong Shi Wan porcelain and plastic, etc.In addition, the ceramic art creation of larger, more category.Is the main jiangsu yixing on jiangsu yixing purple sand though, but as people living standard rise, and attention to the tea culture, purple sand proportion in the arts and crafts collection is not small.Jade, especially the hetian jade and jade, as a result of excavated larger efforts in recent years, the relative lack of resources, so the price is higher also.

Relevant statistics show that in 2013, sale field in modern and contemporary ceramic art works a total of 5329 pieces, volume 1706, turnover of 191 million yuan, among them, the unit price have 38 pieces of more than $one million in porcelain.In the primary market, contemporary ceramic price is generally concentrated in the 10000 yuan to 100000 yuan between, one million yuan of above. As early as in 2011, the late Chinese ceramic art master wang step works, spring, summer, autumn and winter four blue spirit birds screen, with 27.025 million yuan price auction record refresh the modern and contemporary ceramic.Affected by this rally, numerous when generation master of ceramic works also successively into one million yuan price.In 2012, for example, the Zhu Legeng "red green color BenMaTu porcelain plate" (five screen) and a set of Dai Ronghua "ancient color unique romance strip porcelain plate" annual average clinchs a deal with the price of 11.5 million yuan in 2012.Although violet arenaceous back market as a whole, but in December 2013, the He Daohong "set of pot mouth and may pile" in Beijing HanHai with 12.65 million yuan price to pay, on the whole purple sand art market to boost confidence. Collection of factors

Tibetan who is the most attention in the process of collection?"2013" Chinese arts and crafts in Tibetan annual survey results show that the collector in contemporary arts and crafts is most important factors are: 28.36% originality, authenticity is occupied 14.71%, artistic quality accounted for 13.83%, utility (3.5%), quality (12.23%), investment accounted for 10.08%, the ratio of 9.16%, the artist profile (4.8%), circulation channels of trade accounted for 3.83%.Thus, originality, authenticity and artistic works is collector more attention. For original collectors focus on factors, one of the biggest proportion of ceramic design masters, tsinghua academy professor Zhang Shouzhi says this is the inevitable result of the mature art collection development, in the different historical period, janecrafts created material civilization and spiritual civilization with the combination of art, is also in order to improve people's quality of life of this age.Chinese craft art localization, the independent innovation, inheritance is for the purpose of development and innovation, collectors are more interested in timely and the author's personalit.

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