Everyone for wooden materials not unfamiliar, including wood buttons.Because now advocate environmental protection and green, we will give priority to the wood, but we can't ignore the disadvantages of the wood itself.

Wood button, bamboo button belongs to plants and added to the stem of the button.

In the international market, the number of this kind of button.Especially in recent years, as people pursuit of environmental quality of green, button has increased demand for this kind of plants, including Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries of consumption rise gradually.Product structure is given priority to with wood buttons.

The motivation of people to choose wood buttons, first of all, from the long-term heavy use of synthetic plastics weary psychology.Many people think that "natural" materials must be non-toxic, beneficial to human body health, and wood buttons is catered to the people of the psychological.Wood buttons with natural wood texture, very simple, natural, and its appearance is more rough, and plastic buttons and high gloss are a stark contrast.So this kind of buttons and hemp fabrics, or plain color is a good match for casual dress, at the same time can meet some people do STH unconventional or unorthodox, unconventional aesthetic habits. Wood button lignin is the main ingredient, strong resistance to organic solvent, durable dry cleaner, can with garment dry cleaning.Wood buttons fatal flaw is that it water imbibition.As a result of wood fiber absorbent strong, encounter a wet weather, or put it in the water and quickly absorb water, swell, when dry again after may crack, deformation, or become rough, very easy to hook clothing fibers.

Buy wooden buttons in order to overcome the shortcomings when select material should be paid attention to choose wood density, long growth period, old old wood or parts.Button after the completion of the polishing, using high quality varnish processing surface, all water absorption pore sealing.Buttons can be avoided through such processing after absorbs water easily.

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