Meimei all kinds of hair, make without the driving force behind the small, small make up for you here to summarize these small tools, want to know: to do a good job, must first sharpen his machine!Skilled use of these small tools, what hair won't you

One of the most common black alligator hair clips, mainly used to fix the hair, can be fixed relatively tight, but difficult to create administrative levels.

Is mainly used to create a hierarchy, fleeciness effect, make the hair line is more beautiful.Fixed hair when it is not easy to play.

Whether to send or using a curling iron, hair, the hair need to partition or batch, partition or crane mouth clip is absolutely indispensable important helpers.

After use, can help the hair all day and not messy.If use hair easy to loose, so before you with black hair bands.Both solid and will not take the focus of the hair.

Like screws, hair clips, actually is the way by reversing the hair to use.For a beam or globular bun up effect is very good.

This amazing hair style props, to bind hair less skillful and want to tie the unique style of girl is quite helpful, make can tie a full of feeling of temperament.And with how much hair around in great mass of beam, the shape of the bun will also be different.


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