Whether you are long hair or short hair, curly or straight, or is it all kinds of hair go, always feel lack of something.Try a distributed fashion headbands, small hair ornament your hairstyle with contracted, can bring you a refreshing feeling

Style Ⅰ: The gold rose headbands
Model to plunge into the head of a high balls, relaxed fashion, hair color it's not let this hairstyle on, such a simple gold rose on collocation hair ribbon, strapped up the whole hair, immediately become different.

Style Ⅱ: crushed stones hair band This hairstyle is very have the feeling of a bride, and a model dress, sweet and elegant, full of romantic breath.Spread the twist on the hair band of two side by side, this dish hair hair immediately into the romantic atmosphere.

Style Ⅲ: golden tassels hair band Very ordinary a hair in a ponytail, and on such a hair band, composed of five golden line the hairstyle beautiful a lot of, have a lot of personality.

Style Ⅳ: golden streamline hair band A natural straight head of long hair was a goddess temperament, and such a large area of the hair band on collocation, the hairstyle is more beautiful.

Styles Ⅴ: Black hair band set auger Model curly hair is very good-looking, light purple dye, collocation is gloss curls, like the goddess.On such a simple hair hoop, is more charming.

Style Ⅵ: set auger grain hair metal headbands Model is still a head of long hair, hair end natural bend inward volume, soft type, on such a shiny hair hoop, suction eyes very well.

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