On January 16, 2014, the new generation goddess Angelababy week jewelry company announced in hand (Yang Ying), invite them for the new brand image spokesperson, he invited the domestic top photographer Chen diffuse for Angelababy customized luxury jewelry.On the day of the week for photographing jewelry market value is understood to be worth $, luxury become beautiful, perfect show the Angelababy fallen from inner to outer beauty and top class gem colorful complement each other, comprehensive interpretation of jewelry fashion charm.

According to week jewelry aspect and invite Angelababy as its new image spokesperson, it is hope with the help of her beautiful energetic the image of the rich connotation of young fashion jewelry supplies wholesale.Week, said an official with the jewelry, 90 after 80 has gradually become the mainstream of jewelry consumption, and Angelababy, as a representative of the goddess of the new generation of more powerful in the young generation.Angelababy beautiful beautiful, fashion, enthusiasm, enterprising, insist to many areas of development, her hard work and efforts to see that stand out in the Cenozoic, is that coincide with the characteristics of the diamond, after BaiQian burnish, can bright is charming, pure and precious, sending out shining eyes mans.Week of jewelry believe Angelababy can fully show the brand culture and philosophy, and the beauty and pursuit of the new era of fashion women, confidence in cooperation with Angelababy's future success.

The location choice in historic landmark HulletHouse hotel in Hong Kong.Taken on the day of week shipped to the scene of the jewelry of the by product includes all kinds of jewelry, diamond jewelry worn by the Angelababy in but also have a high quality at a 8.8 -carat "pigeon eggs," that's a diamond ring is nearly 20 million.The Angelababy gorgeously-shaped luxuriant, under the priceless gem foil Angelababy noble naturally deduced jewelry, all kinds of beautiful condition, delicate and charming elegant and fashionable charm jewelry goddess of deductive incisively and vividly.Angelababy also said very pleased with the luxury of shooting results

Since the first store opened in Beijing, since the 1990 s week jewelry has been committed to the dissemination and promotion of diamond culture, adhere to the love and beauty brand core values.Development so far, the week of jewelry more than 2300 stores all over the country 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 300 large and medium-sized cities, become a national chain, one of the largest cabochons wholesale companies for three consecutive years won the "China's most valuable brands" 500, 2013 more are listed in "top 500 Asian brands".The enable Angelababy as a new brand image spokesperson for week shape the brand image, has injected new vigor and fashionable breath, more show the precision of week of jewelry for new market main body to control, and moved to a higher level of determination and strength.

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