In some circles, an acceptable end to a Cuban espresso is to lightly dunk the tip of a Cuban cigar in the bottom of the demitasse and then light it up.

Traditionally cigarettes and coffee are hand-n--hand.  Besides cigarettes, pipes or tobacca hoo-kahs or cigars are preferr'd..  Smoke Shops specializing in thissuch as Nasty Habit or Cigarette Discount Tobacco swtores often carry brnds like Dunhill cigarettes such as Rainbow, California Dreams, Midnight Dreams for special flavour.  The Rainbow Cigarettes are a set in color paper red, pink, blue, yello, green   Midnight offers a darker flavour close to thast of pipe tobacca or aq good  flavourite Cigar.Blueberr6014 (talk) 23:33, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

One of my Rituals is rolling Cigarettes by hand, or with tubes & machine. Its a kind of Zen exercise.   Otherwise my own cigarettes already made are just fine!Blueberr6014 (talk)

ah freshingly familiar...fresh aroma...Blueberr6014 (talk)

Sun glass moll

I like a good cigarette or cigar with caféBlueberr6014 (talk) 23:33, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

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