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    CareerBuilder and Dunkin Donuts have joined powers to create a list of the top fifteen occupations that need the most coffee. Think yours is on it? Topping the list is a scientist or lab technician, followed by a marketing/PR professional. You can check out the rest of the list here.

    They also figured out some pretty cool stats about coffee and occupation--apparently people most likely to have their coffee black are hotel workers, judges and attorneys. Who would have thought?

    So, just in case you thought you drank too much coffee, maybe you're drinking the perfect amount for your occupation--or even not enough! Check out the top fifteen list on and drink up!

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    If you like rock and roll and you like coffee, then you're in luck. The rock band Kiss is opening a new "rock n' roll coffee house" in Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Not surprisingly, this won't be your usual coffee house. Patrons will be greeted by a pair of twenty-foot tall boots, and in addition to regular coffee, the coffee house will sell "rockaccinos" in flavors like S'mores and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The 100-oz coffee mugs are light-up and play rock n'roll. They haven't yet found their location however--and this will be their second rock n' roll coffee house. Is this a place you'd love to go to? Or do you prefer a more classic coffee experience? Comment below, and drink up!


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    Sad news awaits for those who enjoyed using Starbucks' Jonathan Card, the communal coffee card with transferable credit. Starbucks has shut down the card due to fear of fraud, after discovering blogger Sam Odio was taking advantage of this system and transferring money from his Jonathan Card onto his debit card, in hopes to buy an Ipad.

    Odio claims he was actually going to sell the card on eBay and give the proceeds to charity. However, Starbucks realizes that Odio, and probably many more people, were using the card for fraudulent purposes.

    A spokesperson for the company says Starbucks is "sad about it, first and foremost, because we were legitimately cheering on this experiment."

    Unfortunately, for all of you who enjoyed using the Jonatha…

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