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  • LordWeirdo

    Today, September 29, twenty-two countries around the world celebrate International Coffee Day, instituted in 2015. These countries include Britain, Australia, Sweden, India, and the United States. Other countries celebrate this at different times of the year, many near this date. So make sure you enjoy your coffee today! :D

    More information on Wikipedia because our own article is lame

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  • LordWeirdo

    Quick Guide to TCW

    February 6, 2016 by LordWeirdo

    'Ello again, users (and stalkers). As TCW is quite lacking in a policy, and I need to vent some sarcasm, behold an informal reference guide to policy and editing here.

    Spam is a delicious albeit mysterious meat. It's also not good for informational pages. So eat more Spam but post less.

    Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, or Stuff Posing As Meat) is anything on a page or site that doesn't belong. Whether it's a poem by Emerson or an entire paragraph consisting of "WFDGDJXBDHJVHSCB", it has no place on a wiki about coffee. Spam will be removed ASAP by anyone who has time, and it will go on your record. Continued spam after warnings means you win!!! The grand prize is a block for eternity!!! C:

    Unlike spam, vandalism has no positive meani…

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  • LordWeirdo

    Rebuilding the wiki

    December 15, 2015 by LordWeirdo

    Greetings again, fellow coffee enthusiasts—as well as other random people who are just here for no reason.

    Voting is now closed, many thanks to the 0 people who voted. The results:

    • New Wikia-style forums will be enabled.
    • The outdated but still pretty cool user talk pages are being kept until enough people complain.
    • Chat and polls are being kept, while article comments are being replaced with talk pages.
    • Anonymous contribution is now fully disabled.

    Bon nui and may the coffee be ever in your favor,
    --Grandpa (yell at me) 04:04, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

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  • LordWeirdo

    Call this a notification

    November 28, 2015 by LordWeirdo

    Hoi there, non-existent editors.

    Since there are actually a few of you here, I figured I'd post something just to be safe. As of right now (06:02, November 28, 2015 (UTC), to be precise), I plan to submit an adoption request to Wikia Staff in the next week or two. Why, you may ask? Because the hasn't been an admin here since 2011 (read this if you don't believe me) and I've been having to bug VSTF about all the spam that has therefore occurred.

    Am I qualified? (The simple answer is no) I leave that to your judgement. But I did serve as a part-time admin on the Lego Friends Wiki for a short time (don't ask), and I am also the lone bureaucrat on the Medival Wiki. (I wrote all the code for both, and I am still helping the Medival WIki recover fr…

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