'Ello again, users (and stalkers). As TCW is quite lacking in a policy, and I need to vent some sarcasm, behold an informal reference guide to policy and editing here.


Spam can Spam is a delicious albeit mysterious meat. It's also not good for informational pages. So eat more Spam but post less.

Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, or Stuff Posing As Meat) is anything on a page or site that doesn't belong. Whether it's a poem by Emerson or an entire paragraph consisting of "WFDGDJXBDHJVHSCB", it has no place on a wiki about coffee. Spam will be removed ASAP by anyone who has time, and it will go on your record. Continued spam after warnings means you win!!! The grand prize is a block for eternity!!! C:


Unlike spam, vandalism has no positive meaning. 3: Vandalism is deliberately wrecking pages, filling them with cuss words and nonsense. You will be warned only once for vandalism (we may show mercy for spam). If your vandalism is excessively innappropriate and/or malicious, we may even skip that.

But wait—there's more! Later. Goodnight, sonnies. --Grandpa (yell at me) 04:30, February 6, 2016 (UTC)

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