For coffee lovers the health benefits are sort of a moot point, but it is always nice to be reassured that your addictions are beneficial. The health benefits and drawbacks are argued have been debated for years.

In a recent study done by Swedish researchers 34,670 women were monitored for just over 10 years and there were 1680 stroke events. The researchers adjusted for other risk factors and drew the correlation that, “low or no coffee consumption is associated with an increased risk of stroke in women.”

This study was published online on March 10, 2011 but it is not the first study to suggest this. Last year the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, CA. found that “coffee drinkers may be less likely to be hospitalized for heart rhythm disturbances.”

They studied over 130,000 men and women and the ones who drank four or more cups of coffee had 18 percent lower risk of hospitalization for heart rhythm disturbances and those who drank one to three cups had a seven percent lower risk.

So, all you caffeine addicts can continuing drinking with a little less weight on your shoulders, knowing all that Joe could be doing the body a bit of good.

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