Roasterie BBQ Sauce F2900200

We are used to coffee-flavored products like coffee ice cream, coffee cake, coffee syrup, cappuccino stout and many more. But one of the most recent coffee-flavored products it a surprising combination.

Two Kansas City companies have collaborated to create coffee-flavored barbeque sauce. Original Juan Specialty Foods and the Roasterie spent time getting the proportions right in their Super Tuscon Coffee Barbeque Sauce.

After eight months of collaboration the two companies agreed there was enough coffee in the sauce. Danny O’Neill, founder of the Roasterie, told the Kansas City Star, "Original Juan would bring it over for us to taste and we would say, ‘It’s awesome. But if you are asking us, there isn’t enough coffee in it.’"

Is there enough coffee in it for you? Find out by either finding it in a store near you or ordering it online.

This sauce is also gluten-free and all natural. It sells for $5.99 for a 21 ounce bottle.

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