Coffee grounds. The inevitable waste of a caffeine addict. We throw them away or maybe compost them, but is there a better way?

After throwing my grounds away for the last 10 year I have been a coffee drinker I finally decided to see what else this by product could be used for. After only about 5 minutes of research I found more than 20 ways to reuse them.

1) Organic fertilizer- Plants like acidic soils, so add a some grounds to your soil. Rosebushes, rhododendrons, camellias, evergreens, carrots, and radishes do especially well with coffee grounds.

2) Organic pest and ant repellent- Sprinkle in garden or any area of the yard which has unwanted guests.

3) Organic cat repellent- While cats can be awesome pets, they can track through your garden. If you want to keep cats out of a certain area sprinkle coffee grounds.

4) Mushroom growing soil- When growing mushrooms moist coffee grounds are one of the best soil additives.

5) Bait worm life support- The coffee grounds are great to add to the soil to help keep bait worms alive.

6) Closet or dresser deodorizer- Use old pantyhose filled with coffee grounds to scent your closet or dressers drawers.

7) Freezer and refrigerator deodorizer- Place the grounds in a small cup and put in your fridge and/ or freezer to combat bad smells.

8) Pin cushion filler- Dry the grounds and fill a pin cushion.

9) Abrasive cleaner- Grounds are great for scrubbing pots and pans, or any other tough stains.

10) Dust deflector- Put coffee grounds on the ashes in the fireplace to minimize the dust collection.

11) Furniture scratch touch-up- Use a Q-tip and coffee grounds to fill in scratches on furniture.

12) Drain cleaner- Put coffee grounds down the drain to get rid of bad smells.

13) Meat tenderizer- Add coffee grounds to the water while defrosting your meat for more tender meat.

14) Chocolate cake flavor- Turn your chocolate cake into a mocha cake, you can always try with brownies or other baked treats.

15) Hand soap- Rub the coffee grounds on your hands to remove smells like onion, garlic, etc.

16) Face mask- Mix an egg white with 1/4 cup of grounds for an exfoliating face mask.

17) Hair Rinse- After washing hair rub coffee grounds into hair to increase shine, softness and even naturally darken your color a bit.

18) Cellulite rub- Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1/4 cup of moist warm coffee grounds and spread over any spots that typically have cellulite. Wrap with plastic wrap for a few minutes before showering.

19) Use as a dye- Simply mix with water to dye papers, clothing, etc.

20) Tattoo base- Make temporary tattoos with coffee grounds and henna.

21) Flea bath for dogs- Rub coffee grounds on your dog to prevent fleas.

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