Every morning when I wake up my first steps are towards the coffee pot. I love the ritual of making coffee, drinking coffee and socializing over coffee.

At the age of 12 I started drinkning coffee with my mother (and no it did not stunt my growth, I am 5' 10). I would wake up in the morning and we would go prepare the coffee and as it brewed we would shower and make breakfast. Then we would sit and enjoy our cup of coffee while doing the crossword in the newspaper every morning.

I like my coffee with a splash of milk or cream and no sugar. I like darker roast and detest watery and/or cold coffee, unless iced.

But even with my preferences I find it comical when thinking about people's favorite type of coffee. How do you truely describe exactly what you look for in a cup of coffee? In a Ted talk Malcom Gladwell says that when you ask people what kind of coffee they like they will tell you I want a dark, rich, hearty roast. But only about 25-30% actually want this. Most people like milky weak coffee but people don't voice this desire.

Now with that said, my perfect cup of coffee is a dark, rich, hearty roast. What's yours?

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