Culinary Journey

In addition to the beautiful scenery of my trip, the most memorable should be the local cuisine. So for travelers who plan to explore this southern region of Italy, here are some pieces of Sicilian culture that you definitely should not miss out on! Night view of the road is also very beautiful, you just need to bring best bicycle front light, you can safely ride at night.


Granita Siciliana

Perfect for hot summer days, a granita is basically a serving of shaved ice (with textures differing from region to region), with some water, sugar, and flavoring. A food item that is somewhere in between a gelato and a snow cone, its flavors can range from coffee, chocolate, seasonal fruits and berries, to almond, or mint. One peculiar trait of the granita is that it isn't only a dessert. It is actually fairly common to find it at the breakfast table, accompanied by a brioche or a croissant.

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Whether it's a cold, chilly morning, or a warm afternoon at the beach, it's always a good time for some Parmigiana di Melanzane. Consisting mostly of traditional southern ingredients such as eggplants (or aubergines), tomatoes, and mozzarella, with the addition of parmesan cheese which is more of a northern ingredient, this is a very rich, savory dish. The basic form of this dish entails frying eggplant slices, and then layering it with some cheese and tomato sauce in a shallow bowl or pan, before baking everything until done.


Beautiful, delicious cannoli is a traditional Sicilian dessert. Though also popular in places like the U.S., thanks to Italian migrants, nothing beats getting something straight from the source. This treat consists of a deep-fried pastry dough shell in the shape of a tube, and the basic version is filled with sweet ricotta cheese and served with a light dusting of confectioners' sugar, possibly with a couple of candied cherries on top. For those who want to go a bit fancy, a variation of this is ricotta filling with candied fruits and chocolate chips.


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