Thistledown Farm

Camping is a good choice to relax, of course, you need to choose a good campsite. Choose to go camping farm, which will be very convenient.
[1] It's easy to locate Thistledown; just head towards a majestic wind turbine located 300 metres from the entrance. The turbine was one of the first to be erected by the increasingly popular Ecotricity, the UK's first provider of mainstream electricity produced from renewable sources. It's a part of the genuine green vibe in this neck of the Gloucestershire woods, so if you've ever fancied living the sustainable Good Life , then this is probably the place in which to settle.

But in the meantime you can camp in three main areas at Thistledown, where up to 80 pitches are available in each. But don't for a minute think that you will be crowded out. The 70 acres take in trees, undulating pasture, glades of wild flowers, and space - everywhere. Even if there's a wedding in one of the pastures, with all the tree cover it's unlikely you'll even be aware of it. Bring flashlight torch, traveling you need it.

Thistledown is a wildlife receptor site, which means species disturbed by developments in the area are rehomed here. Richard and Ryan often run talks, walks, and events that are free for campers - from BBQs to bird walks and bat evenings. At dusk you can actually wander down to a spot where badgers come out to feed and, as long as the wind is in the right direction, you'll be able to stay transfixed for ages.

All three camping areas have fire pitsand there are a few braziers for hire. In the evening Richard will whizz by on his little off-road vehicle selling wood by the heaped barrowful. You can take your own, but are asked not to collect it from the woods as it provides shelter for creatures such as snakes and slow worms.

Picnic tables and sawn logs are dotted around for campers as well as the day trippers who come to enjoy this tranquil environment, its stunning views, and the nature trails on offer. Streams spouting from Roman drainage systems into small ponds gurgle in the background and the rope swings near them offer great excitement.


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